What makes VFP different with others is that, VFP Opto-Electronic are not trying to sell to you a single product but a package solution. Below are the main reasons why you need to work with us as soon as possible.

Lead Time

We are the one who have the ability to do large material stock to ensure your fast lead time request.

Dialux simulation

We could help you finish complicated simulations to help you get the project.

Strong R&D

We keep on innovation and products developing all days. We are good at learning from your suggestion to make the most perfect product.

Full options

We can provide you all kinds of wattages, beam angels, mounting solutions, control solutions, and anything else.

Quality control

Our quality control manager has 15 years experience working in Japanese company.

Marketing material

We could provide high quality pictures to you to help you make excellent brochures.

Full certificates

We understand certificate is the key to open your market, and we won't try to save the costs from it.

Supply chain

Meanwell driver have informed us we are their biggest client in China. Japanese Nichia LED team come to our factory often.

Sales support

Our salesmen are all well educated with lots of industrial lighting experience to save your time and make more business.

After sales

We will send new parts including shipping costs to you to make you safe in case of failure during warranty time.


VFP Opto-Electronic; design, develop, produce and manufacture exclusively in OEM & ODM, we are committed to provide a tailored service for each single customer to achieve there requested specification providing the best possible solutions.

1. Commercial Lighting,
2. Industrial Lighting,
3. Project,

VFP is your trusted supplier and cost-effective partner for LED products.

VFP can offer you a variety of components as we cooperate directly with the best components manufacturer such as Nichia, Samsung, Bridgelux, Cree etc, we inspects with Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas and CNAS all the incoming materials and apply technical equipments, such as Integrating sphere, SMT machine, Auto paging line, drop tester, transport simulation tester during our production process. More than 32 reliable test items make sure excellent quality and steady performance of our products.

VFP Group’s quality is originated from our strong and independent development ability together with our first class R&D centre, with many engineering talents and excellent product designing team which enables us to provide cutting-edge technology to our partners all around the world.

We are committed to set new standard of quality as it is the key factor to a long term relation and trust for our clients. Working jointly hand in hand with common responsibility and sustainability to returning green to the earth, we sincerely hope make joint effort with our vast partners to push forward energy conservation and emission reduction to make the world a better place.

* Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas and CNAS to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems.

The Best or Nothing.
We know this slogan is from Mercedes-Benz but no other words can explian us!

Mr. Lee DUO
Yunus OZER
Mr. Yunus OZER
CEO of the Taiwan Region
Mr. Tony Ly
CEO of the Americas Region
Mr. Chris
CEO of the United Kingdom Region
Murtaza Bharmal
Mr. Murtaza Bharmal
Vice President of the United Kingdom Region
Ms. Wing
Sales Manager of Team A
Ms. Jolynn
Sales Manager of Team B
Ms. Xule
Sales Manager of ODM
Ms. Effie
Sales Manager of OEM
Mr. Jun
Sales Manager of SKD
Mr. Peng Lee
Sales Manager of Project